Controlled Access Library Resources

In my last blog I discussed “open access” research materials – resources freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a browser. At the opposite end of the spectrum are library resources with tightly controlled access. These resources are very valuable to you and the owner of the resources. They are rarely owned by the library. EBSCOhostCopyrights are usually retained by the original publisher. We purchase a user license to gain access to the electronic book, full-text article, or bibliographic information through a vendor who owns the “search platform” (like EBSCOhost).

Controlled access resources are valuable to you for a few reasons. First, our subscription databases are designed for academic use. The resources are vetted and selected by librarians, scholars, or other information professionals dedicated to providing the most credible research resources available. The databases also target subjects most useful for the fields studied at Saint Paul School of Theology (SPST). Finally, the search platforms feature robust search and storage tools to facilitate extended periods, or even a lifetime of study.Proxy Server Login

You will need to pass through the proxy server via the “Database Login” under the Library dropdown on the SPST home page to gain access to our controlled resources. Your username is your last name and your PIN is the 13-digit number below the barcode on your SPST ID card.

Three major controlled access resources you may find helpful are EBSCOhost, ATLA Logothe ATLA Religion Database with Serials, and the ebrary electronic book collection. Our EBSCOhost search platform offers 24 databases. The ATLASerials database is hosted on the EBSCO search platform. ebrary LogoFollow the ebrary link to access our electronic book collection containing over 70,000 academic titles covering a broad range of subjects. In my next post I will talk about the fuzzy world of “limited” access resources.

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  1. John Says:

    Thank you Carolyn!

  2. Excellent inormation for students in research.

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